AFS: Italy

Enjoy studying

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Argentina
Creative Director: Gaston Bigio
Head Of Art: Jonathan Gurvit
Creative Directors: Ignacio Ferioli, Javier Mentasti
Copywriter: Nicolas Vara
Art Director: Ignacio Flotta
Production: Rolo Lambert


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living da foul life!

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Nice idea, but lets look from a different perspective: You are in a great city, there are wonderful places to visit, but you are trapped in a school and the white spaces (courses) represent the holes in your otherwise good experience.

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Am I focusing on the empty half of the glass? Maybe one should read this as "Lots of interesting place to visit in your free time". Still those lines look like prison bars to me :D

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agree: mixed feelings about this campaign

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I have only good feelings, this is so wonderfully simple. Good insight. Maybe the copy could be better (or lost in translation).

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ahaha better than the chinese one ;)

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very first degree .... lacks energy

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No tiene nada de sorprendente. Es aburrido.

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