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Activity Score 46

boring! ZZZzzzZZZZ

marcos quinteiro's picture
marcos quinteiro
Activity Score 22

quite obvious, isn't is? a lot of ideas done with this execution...

it's ok...

jennywhx's picture
Activity Score 1142

this remind me that sad movie Blood diamond...Africa..

ellehcimeo's picture
Activity Score 3516

The copy is too hard to read.

mvellandi's picture
Activity Score 10

The copy is definitely too hard to read.

However, I do like the sharpness in the image at a closer look.

Does anyone else see the faint skull in the center?
that tripped me out...reminded me of gears of war

kc_brock's picture
Activity Score 703

quick rule.

if you're going to use 4pt font. don't reverse it over a textured stone background.


slim's picture
Activity Score 1047

This belongs in the hall of shame. There is a hall of shame, right? I think we need to set one up. Ivan?

hang-the-dj's picture
Activity Score 1262

Hall of shame, yeah I'm with you slim, but they'd be more work in there than on the front page. Like, 40 times more.

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