African Bar: Tribute, 3

Surfers love reggae. Must be the particular aroma.

Advertising Agency: Visão Comunicação Estratégica, Brazil
Creative Director: Mariel Fernandes
Copywriter: Sulivan Cruz
Art Director: Ricardo Hurmus
Illustrator: Marcel Andreaza
Other additional credits: Emerson Alano Jr., Michel Carvalho


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i dont get the copy and cant relate it to the visual... but i like the illustration....

| Everartz |

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Line doesn't make sense in english.

"Surfer love reggae. Must be because of the maresia."

Maresia is the smell of the ocean, but is also a slang for the smell of burnt cannabis.

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nice gaijin
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"hur hurr, reggae fans are all potheads right?" Way to talk down to your audience, guys.

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fala fulani
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Actually yes, it is offensive. Not all reggae listeners smoke weed.

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nice style

Clovis Cordova's picture
Clovis Cordova
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muito bom em Português

Abra Cadabra's picture
Abra Cadabra
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I would be cautious of anyone who professed to be a reggae fan, but who did not smoke weed. Can you say.... NARC?

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