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Is all this happening the play from GOD upstairs? That's my understanding from the visual of strings in the ad. But what has that got to do with a TV news channel?


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It seems that the wars and famines and many other situations don't happen for no reason. It's cause they serve some peoples' interests and they are like pawns, like puppets used by those people to get what they want. And if you watch that channel you will see beyond the obvious..

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Maybe the line 'Read and understand what makes things happen.' confused me. Shouldn't it be 'read and understand who causes things to happen' along that meaning?

But thank you for ur explaination.

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Clear and smart, I like it. Maybe the last line translation is not good (this is from Brasil), but don´t you think last line is unnecesary?

Nunca es triste la verdad, lo que no tiene es remedio. Serrat

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I don't get this at all. I don't think there suppose to be puppets. If they are then the photoshop is shocking, some of the strings/lines go right down do the ground.

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Somethin very dodgy here! no-ideas-original I agree. Either Im completely lost here or da art directors need to take some time off.

Da idea is da real thing people...n da execution cannot get sidelined.

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At first i thought it was a good campaign but PuppiePoppy has a point there. You really can get the message terribly wrong. like "god's to blame". close to cool, but thats a BIG flaw

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Done before for a radio in Argentina.

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Yeah, but there, the journalist were their own puppet-masters (is that its name? Puppet masters?), trying to communicate that they weren't managed by any outside force (politics, religion, etc). It was a good campaign.


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Love da art.. wow

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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