Adshel Creative Challenge: Booth

Embrace your ego.
You know you want to win the adshel creative challenge. 6:30pm on june 28 at cutting edge. Adshel. BAD
Advertising Agency: Cummins & Partners, Brisbane, Australia
Creative Directors: Nancy Hartley, James Burchill
Art Director: Amanda Dunne
Copywriter: Richard Taylor
Photographer: Erik Williamson
Producer: Bernie Corder
Published: June 2006


Brainsugar's picture
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They know what they did. Yes, It's written on the right of the ad ;-)

Filipe's picture
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Similar to a sex toy campaign. "Love yourself".

A. J. SMITH's picture
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Ha ha, funny idea.

A good shift in award ads too.

It's only an ad.

addyhoch10's picture
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i've seen this idea in luerzer's a couple of years ago, i think it was for a fashion brand.

am i the only one who thinks that the 2 characters look too different, especially on the other executions?

Ricardo1's picture
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You probably haven't grasped the idea. They are being seduced by their ego, that's why they look slightly different. It's about the feeling of winning, not loving yourself.

addyhoch10's picture
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at first i was thinking that these are just gay couples. that's why i was saying that they look too different

SlimRich's picture
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@Ricardo, it seems you are very right. either way, this is not working. its either the copy changes to GIVE IN TO YOUR EGO or the characters will have to change positions...

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