Ads of the World Research: Free your mind

This is a submission for the AotW-R competition.

Art Director: Ola Olowu
Copywriter: Yemi Arawore
Illustrators: JudeUzonwanne, John Nwabuwa


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A.G. Pennypacker
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I think you HAVE to put "Free your mind" on here as a tag. You just can't assume people will come to that conclusion. Like it but doesn't really sell me on research.

"I have a screen name because not having one is for pussies."

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"Mind Ur language U fuckin asshole."

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with that quantity of dynamites there will be nothing left of the brain.

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i think this is a wonderful ad and it is self explanatory, good work.

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Seeing as the art is not literal, I take it the use of dynamites on in this ad is to free the brain and get the creative juices flowing. Good work but give the second comment some thot.

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Hey, I like it. You coulda reduced the number of dynamites though... good effort.

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hey, I like it. You coulda reduced the number of dynamites, though... good effort.

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I think, therefore... yeah.

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