Ads of the World Research: Done, 3

Art director: Marcelo Melo
Copywriter: Nuno Leal

This is a submission for the AotW-R competition.


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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Nice art. But I don't get he communication. Is it about the job has done or everything done...

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My least favorite of the campaign, but overall, nice job guys.

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Absolute bore.

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you're just jealous.

Arnold Santillan

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Guest commenter

I think i luv it and its relevant to the the topic.

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Guest commenter

it's nice but it doesn't talk about AOW for me. Even if the most of the comments are about done or not done, fake or not fake, i go here to discover new ads and get impress and jealous.
Could be a great ad for joelapompe or coloribus.

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What the hell is this? Ad or What...
Coca Cola has done this, so many times before!

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Yes, that's the point. It's an ad for Ads of the World Research a pay service by Ads of the World. The ad says that you should check your campaign whether it has been done before or not on AotW-R before releasing it for public. The campaign plays on the popular comment on AotW: "Done before!" :)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Guest commenter

It is so true!!!

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very good. my favourite. take this

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