Ads of the World: Formula, 1

One leads to another.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director / Art / Copy: Satit Jantawiwat

January, 2007


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wow! they did ads for you??
lucky sod.

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Yes, aren't the ads cool? As a client I'm satisfied. The campaign suggests that if you keep coming to ads of the world to see great work, it will lead you creating an award winning campaign of your own. Whether this is true or not is subjective. I believe it is, otherwise I would not do the site. Of course inspiration can come from everywhere, but every great painter studied the art of his predecessors and contemporaries. Big thanks to JWT Thailand!

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Great ads, and can I just take this opportunity to say that we love your site Ivan?
It's more than an inspiration to us. It teaches us right from wrong. It encourages us and nurtures our talents. It listens when we want to bitch and moan and puts us in our place when we go too far. It puts milk in our bellies and love it our hearts.
Website. Teacher. Mother.

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Thanks, but I think the site is nothing without the community involvement. Group hug!

BTW, feel free to tear the campaign apart if it deserves it in your opinion. No need to be polite.

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only sugggestion/comment: is it necessary to frame it as a formula? i mean, a + b = c works, but the others feel a little forced. Square roots, brackets, etc. Maybe just use arrows or some simple art directional device to show a progression of ideas.... after all, there really is no formula for success. It's a much more fluid mental process.

Still, nice campaign.

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Just curious regarding legalities. Can you show complete ads from other clients like this? Wicked campaign, though. Shows a lot of research...

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Lee Clow
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this one rocks.

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truly creative work! Congrats:-) I guess i should have paid more attention to the positive science classes back in high school huh?the more you know...the more you think...the more you create (one leads to another:-)))))-copyright JWT Thailand:-)) And i will also take up the opportunity to agree with slim. I've been seeing lots of ad-blogs/site but this one is by far the most interesting and the campaign totally communicates the essence of it: whenever i have to come up with a concept and i'm stuck or i need some "brain-fuel" i come's the best way to learn and discover.congrats to you again.

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Genius!! I cant tear this up! totally nice campaign.

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i like this one the best. simple and nice.

And as all others, group hug with ivan in the middle for this great site. if only the content from before the crash suddenly came back. a lot of fine work there. and also the userinfo ;)


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I'm working on it. It will be back.

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Guilherme Bill Luz
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this is the strongest place for ad lovers. Also, I have been learning a lot here, much much more here about creative than in any other place... congratulation Ivan. you deserve a cannes lion for your effort

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They don't give lions that easy! And, I want say I get a lot of help and support from other bloggers and members, so this is really a joint effort.

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how do i sign up? :)


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Smoke the joint!

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good stuff ivan, im happy for you.

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my kids are the most beautiful kids in the whole world. you find em ugly? fucking mosquitoes drive me crazy!

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Pro Bono? Run it for award, you should... I think...

Trying to retire ad-man

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Hello Ivan,
Feels really good to see all the wonderful appreciations that you are getting from the whole community.
I am personally accepting, that this site has taught me a lot more than what I had learnt about adveretising. Specially when campaign from even the best agencies are torn apart by the community if they do not come up to the advertising standards. This democratic system of selection gives me an idea.
How about coming up with something like the best posting of the month and then collect them all to select the best postings of the year for different categories. Leave the metals aside, with the way you are moving, I guess that the time is not far off when you will have your own metals to give out.
Fellow members of the community, what are your suggestions on this?????
Rahul Chawra
Kathmandu Nepal

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Hi Ivan,
please never sell the site to Google. Keep it clear and pure.

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You bet I won't.

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nice campaign.. so clever :D

keep it up Ivan, all support for aotw!

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Congrats AOTW! Ivan u have done great job, i think this a reasult of ur persevarance. it's a great feeling that i spend quality time at a place like this discussing one of the most interesting aspect of my life, my profession.

Commitment + Time = AOTW

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VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!


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wow, this is great! congratulations guys!

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felicidades desde Mexico!!!
y mucho exito!

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