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Save on air-conditioning
You could, but why would you?
Your prospects are looking for new ways to manage business operations and expenses. Let's show them how.

Advertising Agency: Brainstorm Group, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Suskin
Art Director: Alek von Felkerzam
Copywriter: Jerry Brens
Illustrator: Sam Robbins

May 2009


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to me its saving with complication .. respect for the the art direction .

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its all about the nice art here, message is complicated in my opinion

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Art direction is not just about art. It's the art director who comes up with the visual idea. So I don't think this is "good art direction", only good compositing.

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It's a complicated product they're selling but mad respect to the AD.

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Message sure is complicated. It implies that you shouldn't save energy and you really don't get why.

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