Adot: Words, 3

Words kill wars.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Japan
Chief Creative Officer: Ajab Samrai
Creative Director / Copywriter: Federico Garcia
Art Director: Junkichi Tatsuki
Production company: Amana
CG Retoucher: Keigo Masaki
Producer: Yohei Mori
Published: April 2014


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Simple ideas can become masterpiece! The idea is so solid that it can convey the same message through endless visuals but without loosing it's strength.'s picture
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I liked it very much.. simple and straight!'s picture
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Very contemporary. Focusing on current events.'s picture
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Very contemporary. Focusing on current events.

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Done. Many times.

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Talk to Tsunami!

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alex valyukh
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It’s completely off reality. It may look a strong idea to places like japan or germany, which are far away from Ukraine and whose people have no idea of what happens right now in my country, and whose people are not killed by russians. But it looks very hypocritical and mocking here in ukraine. Dialog for peace is impossible with Russia whose troops come to ukraine and kill our people almost every day in asymmetric war, just because putin wants so.
Seriously? You think hitler could have been stopped from invading poland, france and the whole europe by peace talks. Frankly, there cannot be any peace talks with the country that just kills another country, wants no talks and pisses off the whole world. Only aggressive force can stop the aggressor. Don’t be silly, please.

have a nice day

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When you want a D&AD pencil its not enough to just put one in your ad.

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