Adidas: Tyson

Ever seen a nation fly?

Advertising Agency: TBWA\ TEQUILA Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Mark Ringer
Head of Art: Patrick Tom
Copywriters: Mark Ringer, Malcolm Costain
Designer: Hoon Kim
Creative-At—Large: John Merrifield
Production: Pat Mak
Photographer: Nadav Kander

July 2008


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I am really enjoying this campaign, there will always be someone to crit, but the execution is amazing. The joe public in the shadows representing the nation/s is exceptional. When do we ever see a perfect campaign? Consider the time and effort and rebuilds and ammendments ect to get to a certain line and a certain finish.


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Frits Harkema
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It's indeed brilliant. I for one have never seen a nation fly and I could not imagine what that would be like. I do not even know how or why a nation could or should fly. Maybe if all the inhabitants and pets would enter airplanes you might see a nation fly. Maybe nations should never fly. Maybe flies should form a nation. All these options. The notion of that is of a greatness that makes me want to weep.

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nice copy

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My favorite of the bunch. I'm sure the athletes would have been very proud to be part of this campaign. Great job to the art director.

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the best use of energy to run is not to 'fly', but to have as little clearance off the ground as necessary.

the way the multiple legs flare out doesn't make sense. you shouldn't 'fly' at the starting point, either.

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Why didn't you give credit to that young creatives that delivered these ideas to you at TBWA\Singapore (TBWA young creative workshop)?

Do you remember them?

I think it's proper.

Don't just staying alive without honour and prestige.

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Truth Truth Truth
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Are u all guys proud of these works ?

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FUCKIN GREAT COPY! complements the visual strongly.
best out of three.


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