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Hey IVAN, with all respect, did you really read this campaign, understood it and liked it before posting it? isnt that what this blog is about, or there is a very very smart insight hidden on the ad and I just cant get it.

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great copy!!! (as iff i could understand anything there) hehehehe,

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Like it. But 3 on the same theme?

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Is there no 'Creative Control' on this site anymore? Recently there has been a lot of shite posted. I mean, shall I send you some fly copy I wrote on a 20 pence off voucher for a fabric conditioner? On second thoughts, I'd better not. You might actually print it!

Just a word of advice, when it comes to posting non English ads, please don't post them until you have a translation first!

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Could you all stop moaning? Skip to the next if you don't like it. Costs you less time than writing these annoying messages...

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