Adidas: Aussie conditions

Purpose built for Australian conditions

Advertising Agency: iris Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Tom Hoskins
Deputy Creative Director: Jon Kelly
Designer: Ronald Acevedo
Photographer: Billy Plummer/Getty
Group Account Director: Katie Jenks

February 2016


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Cool dramatization. How close to real is this?

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Cool product! :)


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morse- we have grass in Australia, so this is not very close to 'real'

nice execution

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Tommy G.
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Looks like they have used low-res photos to make this ad.

@liam : Foreigners think about desert first. So do I.

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Roger Keynes
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The dodgy scoredboard. (It's not soccer)
The dodgy placement of cameramen.
Do you Sydney tools know anything about our countries greatest game?
Worst of all... dull idea.
That won't sell diddly squat in Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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I realise I'm kind of late with this question, but do you believe that the general "insight" behind the development of the product itself is on target?

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tommy g- thank you for telling me that foreigners think of the desert first. would you like some kangaroos on the field too?

it's an australian ad and not targeted at foreigners.

hey roger- nice comment; from perth.



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