ADESF: War, 1

More than 4,700 toxic substances against you. Stop smoking.

The main goal of this campaign was to show how a single cigarette contains a huge amount of toxic substances that attack your body each time you smoke. They are a True invasion force. To illustrate such an idea we looked at the past, present and future of human conflicts and came up with these 3 ads. It all needed to look very epic so we decided to do everything in 3D, each element was individually modeled in a long process which took almost 9 months.

Advertising Agency: Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama
Creative Directors: Márcio Ribas, Wilson Mateos
Art Director: Pedro Utzeri
Copywriter: Marcio Juniot
Illustrator: Casa do Vaticano

August 2009


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I'll love to see the copy in portuguese... I find no comparison between substances and the wars inside the cigarrette, although I like the campaign...

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hoo ! lovely !! I will give you 8.5/10


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I have this with brazilian work. I always love their visuals, although sometimes I don´t agree with copy or idea.
anyways, are amazing visuals

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very smart - very cool execution


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I like this a lot.

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Great execution, great idea. Moinid

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i really like this, is so different to others "stop smoking" ads


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Grace Bastien

Wow. Would this be done as a 3D render?
Looks great.

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looks good, but there's no value in doing the same thing 3 times. They're so similar, I bet that once the average person (who doesn't seek out advertising like us) sees one execution, they wouldn't even notice the difference if they saw another.

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is a good art direction.

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daniel ieraci
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I hate to say it but as nice as the visual is, I'm just not sure it would make me care to stop smoking. Maybe I'm too critical though.

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They are against you, so burn them up! Up in flames! Smoker wins.

agree with daniel^ on this, too much of an exaggeration and not enough emotion to cause anybody to care. nice try. good art. kinda cool.

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Grace Bastien

You may be right.
However, the ad made years ago (as mentioned in earlier post) was so interesting that it definitely stopped me from taking up smoking when I was in high school even though I had seen the ad 10 years earlier! And I wasn't thinking about advertising was back then!

I kept thinking... "eww... chemicals put in rat poison and rocket fuel..."
It was just effective.

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ya, agree...not enough emotional feedback, just simply a nice piece of artwork and thats it.

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angle and the format simply does not work. published in the vertical is even worse, with the text rotated 90 degrees. and you had a lot of time to think about that, right ?

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A wonderful scam ad that will change nothing. Way to go hacks.

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Good Art.
I am not so sure if you should brag about spending 9 months to produce it.
Imagine what would happen, what you could achieve, if instead of spending 9 months to "produce" it you had spent 9 months to "think" it. Wouldn´t you have a better campaign?.

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Casa do Vaticano, how much did u cost?
Btw Did u do it with long smoke?

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