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Michal Zak


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Done 1.274.854.365.927.864.862.196.000 times.

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Have Heart
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The idea is insanely boring, but the execution looks damn tight.
However, there have been much better anti-smoking campaigns (Cannes 2007 for example).

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Billy Hill

This is old work. Last year at least.

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30s spanish civil war posters old conceptualism.

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Cool artwork. I don't like tobacco and drug ads, but I like this one because it turns one the industry's subliminal tricks against them in a non-subliminal way. But, this is by far NOT the first time I have seen this concept.

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I really don´t like this "nicotin is the devil" idea.

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I know a few smokers who would where this on a shirt thinking it was the greatest thing ever.

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The execution here is beautiful. So beautiful that it makes smoking look cool... Anyone else?

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Second that. It does look wicked. I figure that showing this to a young rebellious demographic would probably draw them in more than it would act as a warning.

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It absolutely has the opposite effect. If I were a smoker, I'd hang this in my nicotine-stained office.

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poor idea, excelent execution

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Great execution, but why execute the same tired concept 3 different times.

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this idea is very tired. seen a billion times before.

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mad hatter

All you lame brains, cause this idea was done years ago. Like 98 or something. Done the round of awards picked up almost every award worth winning. So lay off losers. Go back to old school adv, check some of the old D&ADs, the One Show and other books. The stuff done in the 90's will blow you away compared to most of the stuff these days that just blows!!!
All you rookies shut up and give it up to old school.
Dumb asses!

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Guest star

mad hatter, i just fell in love with you. you seem to be such a nice, intelligent person.
would you marry me? i'd shave my legs for you!

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Guest what

good execution thanks to www.gettyimages.com

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would be a good idea if the product was photoshop Cs3
for a nn-smoking campain it`s just more from de same..

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First thought: the new Danzig CD is in stores now...

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I've seen this before!

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