ADD – Sporting Association for the Disabled: Pound

Your donation can change their lives

Advertising Agency: Ageisobar, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Carlos Domingos
Creative Director: Carlos Domingos
Art Director: Andre Fuku
Copywriter: Charles Faria


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Is this supposed to be money doing the work? I think it should made a little more obvious.

atb2005's picture
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Another case of great illustrations, poor (overused) concept. The Queen would love this.

Boxey's picture
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Yes. This concept has been done many times. DDB Needham Sydney's campaign for Rantzos comes to mind for one.

abake's picture
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The copy actually says "your donation can change the life of a handicapped person".
Anyway, I didn't quite get it at first, about it being the money, it wasn't that obvious to me. And what does fixing streets have to do with handicapped athletes?

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i don't get it, donation will make revolution and the queen won't be queen any more??

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Check out the others to understand

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no credits for the illustrator?

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