AdCouncil: Asterisk, 3

When you take steroids, there’s no hiding it. Eventually everyone will see you for what you really are. A fake. A fraud. An asterisk.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day\NY, USA
Creative Director: Gary Scheiner
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Ron Castaldo
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Jared Rubin
Photographer: Tim Tadder
Published: September 2008


dico's picture
332 pencils

this is really bad, sorry, but the pictures are bad, too forced, the photohop its even worst and the copy... my god!

Jon-Paul Mountford's picture
Jon-Paul Mountford
889 pencils

I'm with dico on this one. bad, bad PS work.
Maybee could have worked if it looked more like they'd been branded.
or employed a proper retoucher!!

brain123's picture
830 pencils

If the pictures were black & white close-ups of abs, arm or leg muscles with the embossed asterisk... and assuming the photoshop work is well done... then maybe.

comAd's picture
162 pencils

Is it TBWA or TAWB. Perhaps it's a new agency.

floydeepurple's picture
349 pencils

another sad day at TBWA Chiat Day...that embossed thing really looks disgusting...

everartz's picture
7611 pencils

eh! whats this campaign all about?.. dont like the photoshop work

| Everartz |

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

what's with TBWA recently?
ever since Dru wrote Disruption they didn't produce almost nothing decent.

or are we the lucky buggers who get to see their lousy work?

eraburge's picture
36 pencils

"Didn't produce almost nothing decent" .... Excuse me but you seem to have a language stuck in your throat.

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

excuse me but you're on the wrong web-page. you were probably looking for this:

this is web-page about advertising.

virtualplaydoh's picture
252 pencils

Maybe you should spend some time there. In case, you missed the lesson, communication in advertising is important. It's not all just pretty archive designs. Any logos for sale?

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

pardon me... I'm not a native speaker. but I know a good ad when I see it. these are not.

jamesrothenburg's picture
554 pencils

Love the tagline. It would've been better to do the asterisk with makeup at the shoot.

virtualplaydoh's picture
252 pencils

Nice campaign. I totally get it. Maybe it's just a US/athlete thing but I think it's dead on for the audience it's talking too. Think it also works on other things other than anti-steroids too. I'd like to throw some asterisks on the whole China gym team.

gbl's picture
451 pencils

bad. bad. bad. bad. this campaign is a fake, a fraud, an asterisk.

Skor's picture
208 pencils

Stop being such an Asterisk! hahaha!! I love that... I'm gonna use it from now...!!!

Athlete thinks to himself "hmmm...Olympic gold medal with a minimal chance of being caught... or being called an Asterisk... Tough choice...!"

Creativologist's picture
17 pencils

Where is the ad with Barry Bonds on it?...the one with Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa...

Guest's picture

This is similar and maybe done first

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