aby's picture
22 pencils

nice concept, gud visual...
dont know bout the pack shot...
culd have been better placed...

A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
607 pencils

I couldn't tell this was a sub. I thought it was as ship. And the idea only works if you realize it's a sub instead of a ship. Nevertheless, it takes too many steps to get there. Sub+quiet+cough=sunken sub. I wonder if I would have ever got it if I didn't have the title to help me. Can we lose the titles Ivan? There are no titles to help the consumer in the real world.

dangerdude's picture
58 pencils

kinda requires too much common knowledge for a caught syrup. the only south africans i know are too young not to know

pankajadsoftheworld's picture
433 pencils

i must say the concept is very good ,,, i love the copy because it clarifies everything...and it hardly matters whether its a ship, a submarine or a aeroplane ... a cough at wrong time can take your ass away regardless of what u r driving.

Creative Ad.

pankajadsoftheworld's picture
433 pencils

keep it up

Blissful's picture
142 pencils

Pretty damn smart

Mandla N's picture
Mandla N
90 pencils

Keep it up guys good insight

judy.y's picture
79 pencils

can somone explain?

JD's picture
40 pencils

It's a submarine that was torpedoed/depth charged because someone inside coughed when they were all supposed to be keeping quiet.

No way I would have gotten that if I hadn't seen the other one but I really like the concept. I think they either need an easier visual or more explanative copy.

the.copywriter.twisted's picture
48 pencils

Honestly guys, WTF ?

johnston's picture
144 pencils

Sorry. I have to disagree with every positive comment. This is far too obscure. People won't get it. Plus it's a ridiculous strategy: control your cough because one slight cough can kill you. That's not why people buy cough syrup. Thumbs down.

crazydave's picture
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do you work for the worst agency in the u.s.? you sound disgruntled. The idea is new, fresh and clever. maybe not the best execution but great idea. When you win an award comment. until then keep quiet johnston.

johnston's picture
144 pencils

I don't understand why a dissenting opinion isn't permitted. This is a forum, right? I thought we were allowed to post our opinions. If this is only a place to leave praise, I don't see the point.

And why are you singling me out, crazydave? I'm not the only person who left a negative comment. Please, let's respect each other's right to have a different opinion. And please don't make personal attacks. It's childish and unprofessional. Let's be adults, shall we?

johnston's picture
144 pencils

Let's be respectful, please.

crazydave's picture
114 pencils

i appologize johnston

teira's picture
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Oh, this is so surreal to see Expigen with such avertisement!

At least for me, because they have advertised Expigen in Finland with a funny raven having a cough for over fifty years. It's so well known product in Finland that they don't actually have to advertise it at all; I presume at least all the 30-40 yearolds have used it in their childhood. In Finland it's mainly known as childrens medicine, partly because of it's good taste (and mainly because of the way it's presented of course). I suppose that's why people consider it as a placebo around here also.. I haven't checked the contents of the product properly, so I'm not sure if it's exactly the same product though.

Here's one old advertisement from the fifties and the current label:

Guest's picture

do you work for expigen?

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