Adanac Glass: Invisible stairs

Advertising Agency: Juniper Park, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Terry Drummond
Art Director: Alan Madill
Writer: Terry Drummond

Photographer: Regina Garcia

Client contact: Jim Bottrell


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Andrea Afeltra
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Bad art direction

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yes, i get it. but it's boring. it's just showing the product. it doesn't intrigue me at all. interesting product but boring ad.

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yes, it should have interesting visualization.. may be a girl walking people are watching from down or it could be different...

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good upskirt opportunity :)))

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hmmm.... no!

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funny people leave comment about it being not interesting, whenever youre driven to add a comment should be the given that it holds some interest for you lol. It is intriguing and fast, gets your attention. There is shadow confusion in this one though...


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I like the thought behind this but i really think it could be executed in a better way, like real spaces without the stairs only, for example.

I think it will create a better hook for the ad.

You can do better with the art direction my friends.

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