Ad Club Calcutta: Steven Galster

Every month Ad club Kolkata invites eminent people to talk about creativity to the advertising fraternity. This time it was Steven Galster who's a very successful animal rights campaigner in South East Asia. The challenge was to get the advertising people to the venue although the evening was not about advertising totally. It was a full house and the ad got a few metals too.

Advertising Agency: Bates David Enterprise, Calcutta, India
Creative Director: Anurag Hira
Art Director: Diptansu Roy
Copywriter: Arjun Mukherjee
Published: January 2007


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me thinks
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wish-I-had-done-that feeling.

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Yep! Pretty cool indeed...
Specially when you open the big one and realize there are no words after all.

Animal feeling.

'In the jungle, the might jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...'

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It's only an ad.

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You need to see the high res maybe. Click the image.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Oh I get it now yes cheers.

It's only an ad.

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cool ad. great cause.
though very similar to work from ogilvy singapore for FHM that just won a silver at one show.

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So which came out first? This one or the FHM?

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okay i think i got the idea. they put little animal shapes instead of text.
what i don't get is why people brim over with enthusiasm for it.
am i missing something? why does it look like a printed mag article?

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the fine print at the bottom reads "a renowned global campaigner for endangered species" thus the animals.

edit: nevermind. i read your comment wrong.

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haha ok, thanks anyway!

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Lorem Ipsum
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didn't ogilvy singapore just do well at the shows with a similar idea for fhm?

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No fixed abode
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I love the 'picked up a few metals' comment. The only time I have heard this used was when the ad had won about one bronze at a local show. This is not bad though - I'm always glad to see someone do something more adventurous than visual-tagline.

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Yeah, cute, okay.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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sanju ayyar
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i like it.

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This is brilliant. I'm sure it will win many more metals!

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can't help myself but I'm not impressed. It's ok but why all this applause?

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Yeah it doesnt even work for me because the ad says hear him speak and we get an advertorial with little animal pics. Wouldnt it be: read about him talking about so and so?

seems lazy and forced to me...

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this is identical to the fhm ad which was done earlier.

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