Acura: Interesting Sound

Our speakers can create an interesting sound. Silence.

Advertising Agency: rp&, Santa Monica, CA, USA
RPA/Chief Creative Officer: David Smith
Creative Director: John Hage
Head of Art: Phillip Squier
Copywriter: David Povill
Senior Art Director: Eric Goldstein
Senior Copywriter: John Guynn
Photographer: Christian Stoll
Production: Shirley Tuber


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does that work when the radio/stereo/audio is ON or when it's OFF?

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Visual shows as though the technology is for canceling music...

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To me, it promises a complete silence which is most desired inner skill of a car for most people...

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Reality Check
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The art direction throughout the Acura campaign is perfect, holding all the various bits of work together as a coherent whole that manages to look simple without ever being underwhelming.

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Phil Lestino
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You must work for the agency.....go on...admit it

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Clean visual. Glamorous.

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Sven Gali
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Let me see if I got this right.
Our engines are make noise,
our vehicle cabins are not good enough to shut out all the engine noise,
therefore we will use noise canceling technology to mask the noise--
therefore making our engines quieter?
Are you kidding me?

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No one likes you either.

This ad isn't bad. Maybe not great, but far from bad.

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Not Bad

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quite good actually

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Phil Lestino
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The only sound you can hear is the clock ticking.....Rolls Royce circa 1960

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Phil Lestino
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Oh great you can write your own music on the ad

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i like the copy


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