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April 2010

Print advertisment created by Latinworks, United States for Active Life, within the category: Gaming.

Play Outside

Advertising Agency: Latinworks, Austin, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer
Creative Director: Diego Castillo
Art Directors: Rob Casillas, Daslav Maslov
Copy: Diego Castillo
Account Executive: Lonnie Limon
Photographer: Sergio Celume
Retoucher: Inercia
Responsible for the Client: Baker Harrel
Production Manager: Steve Grill

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whatthefudge's picture
Activity Score 1266

Why would I be more active if I'm playing with Lego outdoors compared to building stuff indoors?

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

@whatthefudge (love your name! lol)

You didn't get it. The images in this campaign show things which kids normally do inside (play video games, use Lego, etc). The idea is that the indoors fun should now become outdoors. The visuals are not to be taken literally. that is, play with Lego outside. Again, the concept is just go outside!

I love the ads except the Dolphins one (that doesn't look like a garden where kids would play). Excellent premise and execution.

mojo1's picture
Activity Score 52


scarface's picture
Activity Score 7

The pool and the seesaw are better than the dolphins only in excecution. And that’s because kids enjoy playing in the seesaw and in the pool. But they won’t prefer some boring static ornamental dolphins than a palystation. So, the problem here is not the playstation control. The problem are the dolphins.

Now, the playstation controller is better in idea because there is nothing wrong with a kid indoors building Lego or playing with plasticine, because those toys doesn’t make him to stay at home all day, like the playstation, computer or TV does. That´s why i think the play station controller is OK. The problem are the dolphins.

luispiter's picture
Activity Score 2756

its better but i dont like.... naaa

alejulimaty's picture
Activity Score 842

esta es la unica que se entiende

SF's picture
Activity Score 126

i dont get the concept totally.. but this is the best of all