Action Aid: Speakers, 5

We give a voice to those who don't have one.

Advertising Agency: DLV BBDO, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Creatives: Valentina Amenta, Davide Fiori, Simone di Laus, Dario Lo Nardo
Deputy Creative Director: Valentina Amenta e Davide Fiori
Production company: HFilms
Photographer: Diego Indraccolo
Director: Luke Scott


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not a special ad. nice shoot

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It looks more like she's carrying an oversized entertainment system. The message you're trying to achieve isn't working. Bad. Sorry.

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"Hello kind charity people. Thank you for the lovely speaker I have here. I have no electricity, but you tell me that it can make sounds bigger. The sounds I hear when I get home are the sounds of my children crying from hunger because THERE IS NO FUCKING ROOM IN MY BASKET FOR GRAIN BECAUSE OF THIS FUCKING SPEAKER."

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Well.. at least the ad inspired this comment.


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It does not make sense - how are you trying to give her a voice - what is she plugged into, how is she listening to the outside world - the speaker is too big, nice thought, bad execution!

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