Actal: Stuffed, Japanese Food

Feel stuffed no more

Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz
Art Directors: Ang Sheng Jin, Boo Wei Yi, Shum Qi Hao
Copywriter: Joseph Cheong
Producer: Bobby Koh
Assoc Creative Directors: Joseph Cheong, Ang Sheng Jin
Photographer: Jeremy Wong / Nemesis Pictures
Retoucher: Evan Lim / Magic Cube
Account Supervisor: Jennifer Sim
Advertiser's Supervisor: Gary Cheung

September 2012


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Actal is not a cure for gluttony. Seems like they are pushing the wrong aspect. This product is a treatment for multiple forms of gastric distress mainly caused by what you eat (and how your body reacts to it), not how much. Interesting visual, but it misses the mark.

neutral's picture
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art ++ idea?

kleenex's picture
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This product is supposed to stop heartburn right????

thatcopyguy's picture
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So it's stuffed toys eating cotton stuffing to represent the feeling of overeating? Nice visual, but I think there's a layer (or two) in here somewhere.

Brema's picture
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S: Who the F are these muppets? I don't recognize them
W: Thats our Khatthoey cousin in Thailand.
W: No I meant the muppets at Grey Group, Singapore

Strike two stones with one bird

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