Act Woman's Aid: 6

What does it take to get people talking about domestic abuse?

Agency: Grey, London, United Kingdom
Executive Creative Director: Geoff Smith, Simon Butler
Creatives: Nicola Hawes, Andy Forest
Head of Planning: John Lowery
Account Directors: Lisa Buckley
Account Team: Jess Palmer
Planning Team: Emma Batho
Project Manager: Emma Garcia
Art Buyer: Emma Garcia
Head of Typography: Mark Cakebread
Photographer: Rankin
Retouching agency: Rankin
Via: Adverbox


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6092 pencils

Head of Typography? (snicker)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Why the snicker? Typography is an art and here in the UK we like our type to be set correctly.

budibud's picture
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Yes, I admirer that art.... Especially those typographer on the early printing days.

Trying to retire ad-man

Jerry's picture
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Reminds me too much of the Pond's ad!

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The ad has got that power in it which makes you think for some time.
Like the way the Act is placed with the rose which also looks as if been abused.
Good One!

Rattan Makkar

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