izzlah's picture
229 pencils

hm.. not so interesting.. a bit too boring..

lucky's picture
71 pencils

why?? isn't it pretty original for "saving the earth" campaign??
i like this, go jung von matt!!!!

imke's picture
472 pencils

Its just ok...you guys better act now.

sonucoues2002's picture
804 pencils

looking good to me

Advertising Pawn's picture
Advertising Pawn
419 pencils

Global warming will make Google Earth funny.

Join the advertising orgy: http://advertisingpawn.com


Join the rarely updated ad orgy here: http://www.advertisingpawn.com

teenie's picture
1894 pencils

No more global warming ads! They all suck--all of them! There's nothing original to say anymore on a global level. Only ads for local action--and I mean action and not awareness--could possibly work now. Global warming has become all a big, nonsense cliché. We've got to give it meaning back.

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

I think Its a new way of global warming ad... I like it... its more powerfull because its showing the problem affecting people instead of animals (as they always do)...

jazarah's picture
1262 pencils

interesting, I like it

Charlie Pratt's picture
Charlie Pratt
427 pencils

Wow, boring? Really? You think it's boring?

I guess there's not enough bodies floating in the water or houses on fire.

Great ad! I agree with Tincho. I think we're all tired of global warming ads, but they're not going away anytime soon.


crazylegz's picture
92 pencils

Actually if you work in an NGO this idea will go bust because it is showing real life situations 'fake'. However if you deliberately make it 'too fake to be real' then it's OK...am I making sense?

nice gaijin's picture
nice gaijin
815 pencils

stop criticizing the genre, it's not their fault that "rising sea levels" is the only idea they're capable of connecting to global warming, and that their constant beating of this dead horse is actually desensitizing people to the issue. It's not their fault that they're mildly retarded.

cperry's picture
280 pencils

Been done only in poster formatt by an illustrator. I think its in the last Print regional issue.

toomuchflystyles's picture
150 pencils

So irresponsible of the creatives to flood a neighbourhood just so they could have their little ad. Surely the authorities should be notified.

vidya.shankaran's picture
724 pencils

very nicely pieced together

Big Friendly Monster 822's picture
Big Friendly Mo...
159 pencils

nice ad, with a refreshing idea to it.

ValidityGroup's picture
8 pencils

Actually there's a million different ways to do an ad for global warming.

People just seem to get stuck on the "flooding" issue.

chino65's picture
326 pencils

I think it is pretty effective.

But my dislike is that it takes me too far away from the human suffering. It is not personal enough. Too far removed.

They should read Indra Sinha's advice on doing Charity Ads.

kylegrob's picture
12 pencils

Nice call to action, hah. :)

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