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I like it. But I think it would be stronger as "Bad breath is unforgivable." But maybe that's just me.

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missed my turn
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good call on the line change. either way, this is awesome.

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You're DAMN (sorry) right Flurb! Nice ad.

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Unforgiving is correct since it's the priest doing the talking.

Don't just look, observe.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Joseph maguire

That's a fantastic ad. Great art direction better delivery. Great work. In essence the only thing that I didn't like is that the audience has to be assumed to believe in confession. But that aside it makes sense and even though it caters to a specific audience.

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Yeah, but it's a Brasilian ad. Most of the audience are Roman Catholic.

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Not brazilian. But OK I know what you mean.


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A ver tengo el brief y q es lo primero que se me ocurre?
Ya se q la gente se aleja de mi!!!!
Primera idea y pocas ganas de pensar diferente!

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Guest commenter

really? how great? very old idea just nice art

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Senhora Kolossa
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bbdo? wtf?
aotw? wtf?
this ad is embarrassing like when the cow comes home!

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john doe
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Bad line. Boring idea.

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great work with the art direction. very good treatment.

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Guest commenter

its not bad, but wouldn't like to see it in any annuals.

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Guest commenter

Could have been done 10 years ago, looks like a late 90's ad.

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maybe with curtains closed...

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Guest commenter

Maybe with curtains closed... maybe

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Guest commenter

Maybe with curtains closed...

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This is a very exquisite ad. Nice job.

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wouldn´t have been better to go further... like throughout the cubicle´s curtains or net... maybe looking priest puzzled face behind....

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Good ad. It's not necessary to improve the line. Just delete it. The pic says it all.

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