ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society): Tree Rings

400 species of birds.
150 species of butterflies.
125 species of mammals.
100 species of reptiles.
60 species of amphibians.
All in a four-square-mile patch of rainforest.
Help us keep it that way.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Singapore
Product: Wildlife Preservation
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Johnson
Executive Creative Director: Joji Jacob
Creative Director: Thomas Yang
Art Director: Gary Lim
Art Director: Aaron Koh
Copywriter: Khairul Mondzi
Digital Artist: Chris Ng
Chief Client Officer: Rowena Bhagchandani


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Love it!

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Mad Adman
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tired of these executions, too easy: draw something with symbols, letters or figures...

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Since when has acres had so much budget to engage DDB??? anyway, it's not bad.


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Mad Adman
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deserved the lion.

congrats. . .

"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"
— Rumi

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Mad Adman
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Yeah! They did win a bronze. But what they did is they shamelessly copied the idea and execution of an entry
titled ANIMAL TREE which won a ONE SHOW DESIGN MERIT in 2008, which is 3 years back. They only made it
Black and white. See the link.

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Mad Adman
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Shame on DDB Singapore! This enry was never an original one.The idea and execution are the same as our entry ANIMAL TREE
which has won ONE SHOW DESIGN MERIT in 2008. You just made it Black and white. For those who have doubts,

See the link.

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We get it dude. Three times is enough. The horse has been beaten to death. Thank you.

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A lovely execution of an inevitable idea. @MadAdman, I can see the frustration in seeing an idea you've used being used again, and winning a different award; must sting like holy hell. They followed the same thinking, and maybe took the image a few levels deeper because they had newer Macs. Really sorry to gently say it, but I don't think they copied you. On the ad: lovely layout, predictable but crisp.

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MadAdman, it's done and awarded. Time to move on.
Rather than bothering yourself about how this may or may not have been copied, how about focusing on the next idea instead?

Ease up dude.

See the link.

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Mad Adman, your comment is a copy of all the bitter tools in the world.

Need proof?

See the link.

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grand prix is grand prix
gold is gold
silver is silver
bronze is bronze
merit is too bad its juz a merit

see the link.

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you guys are funny.

need proof?

see the link.

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You need to cheer up my friend. The more animals there are, the better the world will be. =) =)

See the link

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to me both ads are quite stupid. The fight is just for the award which is also stupid.
see the link:

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