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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Could have been a tad more subtle.
Got a bit of a freaky movie poster feel to it.


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he's not only the scalp-dog president, he's also a client.

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People who abandon pets actually don't give a toss. So this campaign is barking up the wrong tree. No pun intended.

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Agreed. I also just don't get the idea. If you abandon a dog, you'll keep thinking about it and be miserable for the rest of your life?

Seems odd to me and a strange way to get people thinking about the long-term responsibility of owning a dog prior to adoption.

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These are the most frightening illustrations I've seen in a while.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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nice idea. good try!

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Guest commenter

AWESOME execution of a rather weak concept

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Greg Jenkins

OH MY DOG. This is ugly.

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the art work is well, the concept i think it work!

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I can only hope that this campaign will have an effect on people who leave their pets at the hands of fate. I can't imagine how they can do it, pets are often part of our families, at least that's how I see things...

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