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I'm wondering if that number will mean anything to someone reading this who doesn't know that 1 billion sharks translates to 270,000/day. and that sharks are fast becoming an endangered species due to poachers and demand for shark products. (shark fin soup for example)
other than my slight jab at the copy, i like this ad.

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I agree, a little to much in the killed sharks thing but still a good ad

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Lovely art direction but I agree about the copy. More than a bilion for a year? Wow...where did they found that fact?

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It is 100 million not 1 billion. And for your information, the banner means 'King Of (shark) Fin', which, is a delicacy for chinese.

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liar - thanks for clearing that number up. i just did some searching on the web and found the correct number, 100 million on "neil4sharks.org" as well as on a few other shark preservation websites. I wonder if the copy was just mistranslated. it's still a staggering number of sharks being slaughtered. and it's still a good ad.

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numbers are numbers are numbers..whether we're talking about chinese or english. and it says 100,000,000 right there in the copy.

i love the blood carpet..great idea

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anna fayfer
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it looks amazing
i love it

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chintan ruparel
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amazing ad... i've seen, the best of ads mostly are those that expose life-like ground level truths, with an idea like this. good job

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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tradition vs the endangered

i aint gona be having shark's fin soup at my wedding.. maybe corn soup

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pretty well conjured and executed. the red carpet is so sublime! great art! too good!

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wrong translation, good ad.

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wrong translation, good ad.

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Chinese Temple don't splash blood or kill animal infront of god...

Next time Chinese creatives will use Church for something something...

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