Absolut Vodka: Absolut Glam

Glam is now.

Advertising Agency: TERAN\TBWA
, Mexico
Creative Director: Christian Río de la Loza
Art Directors: Damián Velasco, Christian Río de la Loza, Minerva Uribe
Copywriters: Erick Flores, Pablo Cárdenas
Illustrator: Gravitty Cam México
Account Manager: Mónica Noble
Brand Manager: Antonio Vilches
Published: October 2010


Hammad S's picture
Hammad S
492 pencils

I don't get it.

dbor's picture
1455 pencils

I see the destruction of the brain.

colombiad's picture
34 pencils

no hay un buen concepto.

AdBuzzer's picture
1168 pencils

now the bottle reminds me of some disco diva of the 1970s...

Tommy G.'s picture
Tommy G.
897 pencils

excellent. Those tiny lens flare look gorgeous.
I wish I could have this ad into my portfolio.

sakshi.89mahajan's picture
88 pencils

nice execution!

ace85le's picture
3939 pencils

rar rar oh la la...



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riyelam's picture
370 pencils

Oh God.... the photographer must have gone crazy... why there is no credit for him or its 100% illustration??? Are they god???

hoozn's picture
353 pencils

Meh. What happened to the good old Absolut concepts where you would only see the outline and the sticker of the bottle?
Also, Absolut should restrict themselves to "Absolut ..." without a subline.

who cares? ima play some tunes instead http://www.mixcloud.com/hoozn/

peticaca's picture
189 pencils

The message doesn't fit with the image for me. The vanishing glamourous bottle means for me "past".... not "now"!
Don't get it

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