Absolut: Taxi

In an absolut world

Advertising Agency: TBWA, USA
Executive Creative Director: Gerry Graf
Creative Director: Rob Smiley
ACD: Pierre Lipton
ACD/Art Director: Pam Fujimoto
Copywriter: Dirk Henkelman
Art Director: Philip Borchardt
Art Producer: Julia Menassa
Photographer: Vincent Dixon
Retoucher: Helene Chauvet


jazarah's picture
1262 pencils

this one is really needed

jorj's picture
638 pencils

in an absolut world, we don't need advertising.

ivan's picture

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

jorj's picture
638 pencils

yes.., but even in an absolut world we don't need to draw :)

i prefer to c up on the sky, the clouds creating the Michel Angelo's one (la creation), i don't know... what do u think?

ivan's picture

It's a great painting. But it would bore me to death to see the same old stuff all the time. I love new ideas.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

stateoftheart's picture
181 pencils

does the guy look really tiny or is it just me?

ivan's picture

I think it's just the perspective. It's strange indeed.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

nuno_tuna's picture
13 pencils

God. We better stop or we'll be turning this mediocre campaign into a case study.

adgoddess's picture
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all cab drivers are drunk in the absolut world.

rabeat's picture
58 pencils

the guy is really tiny, so is the art direction and the hole concept , ¿what happened to the nice bottle? ¿run out of ideas and came up with this?...to bad

Andrey Vaslit's picture
Andrey Vaslit
210 pencils

this is really suitable in my country -.-''

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