Absolut: No label

Advertising Agency: Family Business, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: John Lagerqvist
Designers: John Lagerqvist
Art Directors: Miki Grujovic, Christian Styffe, Fredrik Lindquist
Copywriter: Tove Norström
Photographer: Christoffer Edling

June 2009


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I'm not sure but I think that I see a label in the lower part of the bottle.
Maybe it is an illusion. Maybe this is not an absolut world.

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa those are legals!!! Amateur

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Alcohol products, go to ... :)

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you're really pushing hard there alex. show us some work and maybe you'll get some...

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you're really pushing hard there alex. show us some work and maybe you'll get some...

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ABSOLUT attempt!


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they could have consider improving the headline and shifting away from the bottle.
if you mean 'no label', you do it the no-label' style.

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somehow I see the label.


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Dev Kumar
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Sometimes, we all want to be like the "Noble Savage" but only when we've had one drink too many. Forget about the absolute world, even in our last journey, when we'll be cold meat, we're going to be all labeled up. Sorry Tove, you seem to live in another world mate.

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In this world mr Kumar, we're all labeled in one way or another, this much is true. But the copy line is "In an ABSOLUT world there are no labels", meaning if everything was perfect, utopic, the way ABSOLUT would want them to be, there wouldn't be any labels.
Would be quite a cynical and unispiring ad if it read "In an ABSOLUT world we'll all be labeled sooner or later if we aren't already", wouldn't it?

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Would it work better if they got rid of that translucent headline behind the bottle? And then instead of that little label at the bottom of the bottle that negates the entire idea, you could just have a small line of copy somewhere near the middle of the bottle. The product shot is fantastic and should not be cluttered with copy. And the idea is cool but you can't just contradict it with the label on the bottom of the bottle.

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Is there a meaning behind no label...?
really dun get it...

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In the real bottle you can remove the label (I think it says pull here in the rainbow), not sure why did they keep it in the ad.

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Absolute Cheers!

UDAYpatwardhan@+91 22 98206 54722

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