Absolut: No label

Advertising Agency: TBWA/MAP, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Manoëlle Van der Vaeren, Sébastien Vacherot
Art Director: Nicolas Boyer
Copywriter: Marc Platet
Photographer: Grégoire Alexandre
Art Buyer: Vanessa Barbel

September 2009


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Jaap Grolleman
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The French copy means:
Purity doesn't need a label

I think ABSOLUT NO LABEL is very awkward though but I suppose it's better in French. The way I see it here doesn't make much sense (specially the background).

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thank you for the translation. my french is a bit rusty these days. ;)
even if the claim not that perfect, i like the wordplay with the name
of the labels.

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renewed or die, guys...

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Etiquette also means behaviour in French as in 'code of polite behaviour'. Can't see they played on that sense.

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Very stylish.

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nice artwork, but i don't get the idea...

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it doens't really work, as the shape of the absolut bottle is the label.

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The translation is more like: "Purity doesn't need an introduction." Has to do with the way "etiquette" is used here.

The art direction is cool but I don't really find anything astounding here. Absolut has always had great ads but that hasn't translated to sales in recent years (sales have been declining). They stick to the same formula but I say WHY. Branding is half the battle.

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STylish creative ad. Very neat. Classy

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jack witrocks
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stop the absolut madness
is it gonna be here for another 100years

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