Absolut: Limousine

In an absolut world

Advertising Agency: TBWA, USA
Executive Creative Director: Gerry Graf
Creative Director: Rob Smiley
ACD: Pierre Lipton
ACD / Art Director: Pam Fujimoto
Copywriter: Dirk Henkelman
Art Director: Philip Borchardt
Art Producer: Julia Menassa
Photographer: Vincent Dixon
Retoucher: Helene Chauvet

May 2008


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chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

its back and how! the most complete print campaign in a while now according to me. i like it a lot for its integration, thought and the line ofcourse. different than the earlier camps, but humble and colourful advertising.

'absolut'ly amazing!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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in an absolut world, we don't need to drink we born drunk

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right man!

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RIP Absolut World

Lip's picture
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the set of the campaign is very good.

Abraços, Pedro Paes.

phoamcor's picture
1284 pencils

What a snorefest of an idea.

krautland's picture
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it's not as iconic as the old campaign and it probably won't make it into an art book or get spoofed left and right but that had to be expected. I also understand the need to move on eventually and come up with something new.

I just wished this was a bit bolder. apple was able to keep people excited after 'think different' ... chiat nyc should have been able to make this happen, they had the absolute (!) dream team assembled when this was concieved.

it's too bad, really.

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R. Rinaldi
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Absolut triumph to tragedy!!!


Kateter's picture
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how to kill a brand. lesson 1.

nuno_tuna's picture
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Fortunately they will kill it locally... I mean... in every location...

Bundy Agency's picture
Bundy Agency
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carlsberg don't make absolute vodka ads, but if they did they'd be better than these

omni's picture
137 pencils

the concept is a great idea but the image needs improvement.

campass's picture
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MMMH.... i think that, also if i know that it could be a very hard job, absolut absolutely need a new concept... and better developing of image....

the whole campaign carry me back to the '90.

Dont like it.

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so original...limo and red carpet for everyone

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andré ™
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That's not a very expensive vodka, i get the idea but i think they could have done it better.

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In an absolut world I wouldn't have to look at these adverts.... When does it stop... Please.

--> I go from old to new at adsodtheworld, so I've seen the others... whoooow

Luckily I will see some new(er) ads. ltrz!

PS. check out the 'twins' ad. I wish I would have made it...

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