Absolut: Goat

In an absolut world

Advertising Agency: TBWA, USA
Executive Creative Director: Gerry Graf
Creative Director: Rob Smiley
ACD: Pierre Lipton
ACD/Art Director: Pam Fujimoto
Copywriter: Dirk Henkelman
Art Director: Philip Borchardt
Art Producer: Julia Menassa
Photographer: Vincent Dixon
Retoucher: Helene Chauvet


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This, I am assuming, pertains to the Chicago Cubs' "Curse of the Billy Goat". Short story is back in the 1940's a man was kicked out of Wrigley Field for bringing a goat. They haven't won a championship since.....

the ad works, but only in Chicago.

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Thanks for explaining that!

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Thanks alot man, I was scratching my head about it!

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yeah, makes a lot of sense when you're in chicago. I've seen people on michigan avenue actually stop to take pictures of themselves next to the (bus shelter) ads. localized executions do seem to get more attention.

here's the detailed story on the curse. it's massive in chi-town.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Okay, this is how easy I am.
Before reading the story: 1/10
After reading the story: 10/10

; )

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with or without the story i don't like the ad.

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If you know the story or not this ad can stand on its own. Perhaps the best among the lot.


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Nice story, but what if you don't know it??

Consumer first then awards!!!

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Andrey Vaslit
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They should put drop tab talking about the story, only works if you know it..........10 - 5(because the story stuff)
5 =]

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