December 2008

Print advertisment created by TBWA, Germany for Absolut, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Stefan Schmidt
Art Directors / Copywriters: Frederick Kober, Djamila Rabenstein
Illustrator: Jue Zhang
Account Director: Richard Breaux
Account Manager: Manuela Bosch
Project Manager: Tanja Kurr

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stay away from the led zep guys...

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Guest commenter

geile idee, geile lines, geile art direction. geiles getränk!

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good art good ide to create new perception of Vodka "wonderful life".

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those lines suck

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Come up with some better and post it on the forum, let people judge it.

You're a dickhead, ive been following adsoftheworld for years now and let me tell you something. You're a fuckwit..if you end up in a good agency, you'll be dead in less than two days (that's if you make it). Get a life.

Come up with better headlines if you meant your comment. Stand up for your comment.

Ivan, I really hope you agree.

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yeah, yeah. first, no i'm not freelancing. you made headlines, i dont like them. live with it. why do you even give a f*** since you seem to have survived in a good agency?

And since you are such a professional please tell me, why these are supposed to be good? are they funny? no. are they witty? no. do they tell me anything interesting? no. are they true? no. they are just an element for art direction (which is really nice btw). and repeat the "oh so funny absolute world" idea over and over without adding anything to it.

and now to you: if you react like this to critique, i'm afraid you are the one whos going to die sooner or later. really. being a sissi is bad for your health. get an ego. (and an account)

oh and: up yours

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I hate to say it, but I have to agree with Wordnerd. Those lines aren't strong. First-level thinking, at best.

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It's not the ad I'm talking about, it's the childish comments Wordnerd makes every single time.

If you can't elaborate and be precise about what you think then just zip's that simple. Obviously you've never been in front of a client or a creative director Wordnerd. Freelance would be as far as you can get anyway, if you get there that is.

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i know that i shouldn't object, cause you must be truely an idiot. i take commenting here seriously. and if i say 'those lines suck', i do it cause i rely on that people here know why. it's not that i have time everyday to argue with idiots like you getting crazy about somebody who thinks their lines suck! how many times have YOU been in front of a (real) creative director?

bye now, this is getting boring

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I'll be in the kitchen making popcorn to watch the fight.

BTW, Wordnerd: 2, William7: 0

I think, therefore... yeah.

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hmm... this ad is not too bad. its just so so. too bad to fight over it.

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Eye-pleasing art, but I don't think this campaign will be as revolutionary and famous as the old absolut campaign. It has stuck so much that even in these new ads I unconcisously search for the hidden absolut shape....

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And she´s buying a starirway to heaven...

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Tina Dev
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'Absolute' is total & complete & may be 'perfection' which is unattainable in the ideal sense.
And you can reach an 'absolut world' only when you are intoxicated. Once drunk everything appears more bright & colourful. Hence 'All that glitters is gold' ie. through the eyes, once under the influence of alcohol.This is just my reading.

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stay away from the led zep guys...