ABP Professional Communication Award 2010: Alps

The path to sucess is not easy.

Advertising Agency: Heads, Brazil
Creative Directors: Flavio Medeiros, Luis Christello, Kike Borell
Art Director: Fernando Maciel
Copywriter: Rafael Simi
Illustrator: Nutslocomotyva
Published: October 2010


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Jaap Grolleman
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Considering it's an ad for a communication award, it's surprisingly bad at communicating. I know that the path to success is long and difficult. What's the new insight? And how does it relate to this event?

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I think it's an award for wasting 3 weeks on postprocessing a hungover idea where an eagle gets its arse torn off, a whale somehow jumps with 2 metres run-up and an imaginary judge clubs spiders who make it up a blood-red carpet. Though I've been wrong.

[Edit]. Oh. I was wrong. There was a spare volcano. And an angry wolf. It's Pokemon for the Brazilian advertising community.

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okie.. i understand this thing for success n all .. but what is there to achieve? i cant understand that...

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"Nutslocomotyva". What kind of name is that? But then again, what kind of awful photoshop is this! Worst thing I've seen here in a while.

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The line should go "The path to success is all about luck" you get to see a bald eagle up close, as well as a killer whale

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How the hell can anyone get passed that wolf? He seems fierce...

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Nice visual! I like that vulcano... :)

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I like the idea, even if i can't really see where is the success in the visual.
But very bad photoshop .

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The path to sucess is easy with a gun.

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Portfolio I concept, bad photoshopping and Harry Potter font. Recipe for disaster.

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Well done!!

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I like it too

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Very good.

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Love it!

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Oh, My...this is shocking, and not in any good way.
Who is this aimed at ??? people who spend all day defeating bad guy's in video game world.

Surely it must be a students (first idea) attempt at an advert for a game.
the horrid, horrid, horrid (yes it needed three) comping is so cack and ham fisted that I'm awed with disbelief that this snuck past quality control, was there any Q.C. ?
did someone get a pay check from these two ads, makes me want to confiscate peoples software until they're able to show themselves as having some ability.

is their any way to give minus stars? -5 at least

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Hi Jon-Paul... First of all, I respect your position and your opinion. Everyone must have one. But, I think, you should have some respect with other´s work. It´s a shame to you (I think) use so destructive words. You have a great work but using this language it seams that you haven´t. Also, as a photographer/supplyer you should know how to treat your clients and potentials one, and you´re being disrespectful, also, the creative team of the agency. Anyway... to bad to see how a high "professional" can go down.

Best regards,

Tico Moraes (NutsLocomotyva)

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Criticism however negative can and should be used to better creatives. If you can't take it then don't put your art out there. But let's talk about this Road to Success...
First the Red carpet path starts at a slant yet the base of the stantions are level and freak oval. reflected light in those stantions is not indicitive of the fictional source light. Eagle: un-matched lighting, quite gaggy and not the same resolution as anything. Wolf: bizzare melting paws. why does he have snow on fur? Orca: disproportionate size by a long shot as compared to the 'abominal snowman' . Everyone knows orcas are bigger than snow creatures, and again, unmatched lighting. if it were couldy then the fill light would be shadowy and less clean. Other topics could include drop shadow on the volcano under a smokey sky -why?
But I have to go now. This to me looks like an ad to get young students to come to a photoshop animation class or to join the US Marines.

A decent idea/campaign that was approved by a novice team.
AND then the ad at the bottom to "learn to make ads like this on Creative Pro." Ironic

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