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Umm, well only at third and fourth glance did I get the slight differences in the copy. I feel it's a bit forced. Nope sorry.

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its too forced...
too photoshoped...
not weird enough...

text doesn't exactly draw you in too read more.. good examples crispin porter and bogusky's burgerking stuff.

This is very low line not very good.

to be offensive.. doens't feel professional.. feels very amatuer like.

I also dont really get why the flag is flipped the other direction.. are you trying to state right wing approaches or something? lol.

Only thing i can compliment is the artists idea of biased conception by putting the republican view points on the dark side rather then the white side. Interesting.. makes republicans seem evil. like as if they are the sith and democrats are the jedi's.


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I find it ironic that the text has been called crap by someone who doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're."

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