May 2009
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The truth, even when it hurts.
Politics, pop culture and ass kicking.

Advertising Agency: DPZ Brazil
Creative Directors: José Zaragoza, Fernando Rodrigues, Diego Zaragoza
Art Director: Celio Salles
Copywriters: Alexandre Abu Fabrício, Fábio Perazzo

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Close to what I'd call the truth. First, Paris Hilton probably (I can only assume, although her actions and words tell a different story from her IQ number) grew up with an extremely strong educational system, most likely with private math, science, etc. teachers. I'm not positive on Andy Warhol's upbringing, but I'm sure it wasn't nearly as affluent as Paris' was. So she more than was more than assuredly given the stronger "traditional" education.

Second, IQ tests are geared primarily towards math and science, and maybe a couple others. Andy Warhol was artistic, a quality that isn't measured by IQ tests. Very few skills/ knowledges/ intelligences are even represented by "Intelligence Quotient" tests. Music intelligence, artistic intelligence, any sort of other intelligence OTHER than math/ science is not represented easily with some number.

It's like comparing the intelligence of a plumber to that of a carpenter. Both intelligent, both skilled, just in different areas and ways.