AACD: Stairs, 3

You can't imagine how wonderful going up a couple of stairs can be to someone who can walk again.

Advertising Agency: FischerFala, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Flavio Casarotti, Pedro Cappeletti, Rafael Merel, Marcelo Fedrizzi
Art Director: Marcelo Fedrizzi
Copywriter: Rafael Merel
Photographer: Shutterstock

April 2010


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Beautiful visuals. Excellent copy.

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what does it means? it's very forced, lt is meaningless. if you got good images, it is not necessary do soeme forcefit idea.

ivan's picture

I'll try to explain . When you regain the ability to walk you suddenly see ordinary objects like stairs in completely new and different light. You see them wonderful. It's based on a true insight.

AXAY555's picture
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Ya for us ordinary people this will b like 3 stories of walking but for a disabled child who could get to walk again this is the most happiest thing to do.

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love the straight-forwardness. Beautiful picture

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well done.

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I think it does the job pretty well. When it comes to briefs like this there is no need to get to clever with the concept. Emotion sells.

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