AACD: Help us, 3

We wanted to go to the streets and ask for your help. But in the newspaper you cannot just close the car window.
Donate R$ 5,00, R$ 10,00 or R$ 20,00 in your Hipercard.
Help us: 81 3419 4000 www.aacd.org.br
Supporting Children with Disability

Advertising Agency: Gruponove, Recife, Brazil
Creative Directors: Gustavo Rêgo, Aliwton Carvalho
Art Director: James Williams
Copywriter: Leonardo Parnes
Illustrator: Toligadoboe

July 2009


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Over art-directed. These ads don't work. Great art though.

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fantastic artwork!

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I like the line. But strangely exuberant visual...i thought it was some funky brand or somethin'. Somehow, the visual and line don't match. But it got my attention with it's colours...so maybe that's the whole idea.


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que increible arte

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I think the artwork is wonderful, who wouldn't? However, I feel that just because you have wonderful and vibrant artwork doesn't necessarily mean it's a great ad. I also think it is easier to close a newspaper and go on with your day than to close your car window if the person is in front of you. The copy is weak and the artwork doesn't match the cause.

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Dalbir Singh
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In Newspaper you simply flip the page. Over art directed for sure.

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Perro Loco
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I see 1.000.0000.000 arts like this!

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Great copy through all the ads.


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jai hind
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jai hind
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great artwork but the copy is not great!

critics "ad'' value :)

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John LS
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The artwork of this ad is amazing. Wonderful. Also, as a person who has been to Brazil I may say that the message shows a true reality from Brazil, as most people in the country simply ignore ads and requests that are done outdoor. However, sprayed walls seem to be really captivating to Brazilian people.

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liked the style of illustration.. but it is overcrowded. communication is getting confused.

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