AACD: Help us, 2

Catholics will help to go to heaven. Evangelics will do it a good deed. Jews will do it because they can pay 45 days later.
Donate R$ 5,00, R$ 10,00 or R$ 20,00 in your Hipercard.
Help us: 81 3419 4000 www.aacd.org.br
Supporting Children with Disability

Advertising Agency: Gruponove, Recife, Brazil
Creative Directors: Gustavo Rêgo, Aliwton Carvalho
Art Director: James Williams
Copywriter: Leonardo Parnes
Illustrator: Toligadoboe

July 2009


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Aren't there any Muslims in Brazil?

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beautiful illustration!

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A stranger abroad
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Um....Brazil does some good ads, but this is not the first Brazilian ad I have seen posted that suffers from casual anti-semitism.

"Jews will do it because they can pay 45 days later". Ummmm....

The next ad insults women. This one, Jews. Who are they hopping will donate?

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jai hind
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jai hind
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