AAA School Of Advertising: Eric Gill Typographer & Gill Sans

Advertising Agency: Y&R, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Mick Blore
Executive Creative Director: Liam Wielopolski
Art Director: Alison Stansfield
Copywriter: Ian Franks
Typographer: Alison Stansfield

January 2010


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

hmm, boring and ugly imo

lucdesaulniers's picture
1145 pencils

Humm, from an ad school... that's promising. Still using Lettraset, oh, well time o refresh a bit. FAIL

timmalone's picture
2 pencils

I disagree - copy is great and art direction relevant. By the way it's Letraset. FAIL on the spelling, hope you're not a writer!

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