A Bela Sintra: Mushroom

Some things get better with time.

Advertising Agency: Giovanni + DraftFcb, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sidney Araújo
Art Director / Copywriter: Sidney Araújo

May 2008


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Disco Munky
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Really really retarded.

I don't know who thought that this was a good idea, but it isn't.

Firstly, all you're doing in this one is comparing the word "Mushroom" which doesn't match the line of getting better with time.

Secondly there were regular mushrooms in 1943 that didn't turn you to glass.

Thirdly, the line on it's own really doesn't work very hard.

All round lazy ad. Really don't like any of them sorry.


Doin' it for the points

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yeah this one just doesn't fit

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horrible campaign

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its yuckss.........it wnt b accesible 2 common man..dude

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how dumb..........there's no comparison to begin with.....an atom bomb wud be just as lethal even now......dumb wid a big D......

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so next time i wanna mushrooms, i'll only need to xplode some atomic bombs. and wait.


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hahahaha yeah! and the longer you wait the bigger they become!

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ZZbottom, Very STRONG observation!!!

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So... should I wait a few years for this campaign to get better?

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haha. this one sucks. the entire campaign is just rotten. ouch.

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What? An A-Bomb turns into a mushroom with time? I mean--I hate mushrooms and all, but this is a bit ridiculous...

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really poor insight, really bad motifs. may be it's a really bad wine, then it makes sense.

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Mushrooms have been around for centuries. Rethink your strategy a bit.

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Shame on you stupid people!
Don't make this shit anymore pls.


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This doesn't even make sense! EPIC FAIL.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I love the graphic style of the layout. Easy on the eye. But that's about it.

The mushroom on the right may be better than the one on the left, but they left out the best in the middle: "Shrooms" 1970s, San Francisco.

Can you dig it?

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I can dig it ;D

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Guest commenter

Could have sworn that Hiroshima was bombed in 1945 as opposed to 1943... but then no one seems to have done there homework here.

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