A Bela Sintra: Foot, 3

Advertising Agency: Giovanni + DraftFcb, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sidney Araújo
Art Director: Sidney Araújo
Copywriter: Guilherme Aché
Photographer: Marcus Hausser

June 2008


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All three together looks like the photographers proof sheet. One is boring enough.

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Is it really good for something that you gonna drink?! Would you drink something made with foot??? Everybody knows how wine are made, but noboby needs to remember us... I think that Ad is not good for its brand and product and do not makes someone wish to drink and have pleasure with its flavor.

Well... it's my thought.

[P.s.: I am brazilian, then, I'm sorry for my english]

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totally second that

cullers's picture
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and here's a third! Ewwww... feet in my wine.

On the other hand, perhaps a design for a new wine bottle holder for foot fetishists who do not have enough feet-related housewares.

misterpanda's picture
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basta con una sola toma, las otras son insulsas

robottttrockkkk's picture
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por que repiten lo mismo en diferentes posiciones. aburrido..

[ http://eltubedeyou.blogspot.com ]

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These ads seems to be aimed for footfetish people.. and the rest wouldnt really like to watch it for long. And probobly only shop the wine of they have a good memory of the last time they tasted it. But newcomers will fall out.

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I'm saving this advert and will be using it as an example to my team... of what not to do if you want more clients.

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