A1: Pride

This bottle contains pride. The pride that comes from the scent of your steak as it rises over the fence to slap your neighbor in the face, letting him know that although his pool is slightly larger, he's still the second best on the block.

Advertising School: Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA
Art Director: Hillary Barnard
Copywriter: Jeffrey Hodgson

April, 2008


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These are good. Even better because they're student works. Sheesh. Everybody's a critic these days. Put your own stuff up so we can butcher it please.

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Great copy! ha ha ha ha... de illustration can be better...

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andré ™
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Jeffrey, you can write.

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The best copy of the lot.

C'mon people, give this guys a break.
This work is better than a lot "pro" portfolios around there.

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Guest commenter

I proudly graduated from the SMU creative advertising program in 2006. Looks like they are still doing things right, Well done. Give Glenn some props. -EM

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Blah... What's the big idea? That using A1 gives a person pride? Smells like a first idea to me. This might be what you end up with to please the client rather than having fun with it for a student book.

Copy is ok.

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