9-11 Campaign, 1


This Campaign was created to drive people to the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation website (www.builthememorial.org). The foundation is collecting donations to build a memorial for the victims of 9-11 at ground zero in NYC.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, NY, USA
Creative Directors: Tony Granger, Jan Jacobs, Leo Premutico
Art Director: Carmine Coppola
Copywriter: Chuck Pagano
Photographer: Thomas Brodin

May 2007


lsadunb's picture
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Nah! Saatchi NY disappointed me.

Vicky's picture
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Where is the heart? The felling? The emotional substance? The potential for this product at an emotional level is incredible. A cold tunnel tells me absolutly nothing! Just numbers.

CMC's picture
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It just gives you numbers?
The "NUMBERS" are how the whole world knows about it. ISADUNB, i'm sure Saatchi NY
is going to loose sleep over YOUR dissapointment. :)

FPO's picture
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What are you talking about? Numbers is how the world knows about it?

I agree with Vicky that taking a campaign with deep, emotional potential and carrying it through with such a cold visual didn't do them much good, so unless you're just a Saatchi fanboy, I don't really get why you're flipping out.

bzedgar's picture
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It should be more than "NUMBERS" are how the whole world knows about it.
We remember the "people", not just a date.

DarkSide's picture
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The whole campaign is absolutely fucking cold...
If a social campaign doesn't give any goose bumps I'm afraid it's not good enough.
Doesn't connect to no one.

CMC's picture
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Warm and fuzzy is not what 9-11 was. "September 11th 2001". These are "Numbers"...yes... wether you like it or not, it is how people are reminded of that horrible day. This sequence of "NUMBERS" will never be seen the same again ever. I don't think they are trying to reduce people to numbers. That day unfortunately will always be remebered by JUST NUMBERS....
Until they build a memorial with ALL the peoples names on it. That's what these ads are trying to accomplish. We hope.
I think FPO has an issue with Saatchi.:);) Ha!

DarkSide's picture
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I mean that the campaign is cold, meaning that it has no feeling, it doesn't strike any cord, It's not emotional. Got it?
Is this campaign yours?

FPO's picture
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Nah, not at all :) I just don't think any agency should be above scrutiny for a so-so campaign. It seemed like that was what was being implied with the "they won't lose sleep" comment.

CMC's picture
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at least we're all talking about it..............9-11 that is.
so in a way we haven't forgotten those people.
So its a good thing.
I think these ads will mean more to people who live in NYC.
And NO these ads are not mine.

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Don't like this campaign, doesn't make me sad or remember the incident, it just makes me search "what the hell are they trying to say?" and thus the whole message is pointless (to me)
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If this campaign was trying to draw attention to the fact that there's now a memorial being rebuilt over what used to be the WTC, and here's a website showing how you can get involved, it's succeeded.

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