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perfect is not even enough to say!

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such stuff works like the morning cup of caffeine. totally great & refreshing work guys. keep it up!

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Good Idea, Good Execution.

waqar ahmed riaz

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This is a neat campaign, but far from "perfect" everartz. Here's the question: Does it have LEGS? (That was ad lingo humour). So you've got your torsos for T-shirts, your legs for jeans, and your feet for sneakers. And then next week the client comes in and asks for the boxer shorts version... Do you see where I'm going with this? (It has to do with the limited number of, um, body parts you have to work with!)

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looks like TBWA

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looks like "Societé Generale" or PS2

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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