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i love the execution and feel of these ads...

but whats the point??

it eludes me's 'common man' brains

Be awesome :)

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Its a nice and simple thought, well executed.
You are now seeing stuff that you would never associate with London because its has changed.
The train which plays an important role in the life of people in London takes you to your destination faster.

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Jolie - and how did u arrive at the conclusions? Farfetched.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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andrej dwin
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jolie: have you even ever seen london on a map?
pardon my arrogance, but eurostar is a very, very expensive way to get to london from paris and it definitely does not play a major role in the londoners' lives.
this whole campaign is just an example of how you can waste a big budget doing nice art direction without really having an idea at all.
it's just plain stupid. the only one that at least got me to smile was hamlet (maybe the naked policeman, too), but as far as I understand, it should not be a joke, it should be an ad. and it simply isn't.

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